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40 Grains: Bringing the art of Thai cooking home to Summer Hill

“To create stand-out Thai food, you need intuition and creativity. You need a sense of curiosity, and a passion for the flavours you can create using fresh produce as your palette. And of course, you need a real understanding of the Thai culture, and how to bring this spirit to a local neighbourhood in just the right way.

These are the ingredients that have fuelled and inspired me in my career as a chef and host and manager. Over the last twenty years, I’ve created a string of popular Thai restaurants across Sydney (and had a lot of fun along the way). Now, the time has come to distil all my knowledge and ideas into a That restaurant of my own, in my own local community. Welcome to my new domain: 40 Grains Summer Hill.

Step inside 40 Grains, and you’ll quickly see it’s not your average Thai eatery. The menu is bold, inventive and ever-changing – with crowd-pleasing favourites sitting alongside signature dishes you’ve probably never heard of. And of course, there’s the atmosphere we’ve worked hard to create – a relaxed vibe that (we hope!) makes you feel both transported, and completely at home.

40 Grains has been created for the Summer Hill community. It’s your place – somewhere to be nourished, inspired, and connected with new and old friends. I can’t wait to share it with you.”

– Josh Atchasuwan, Head Chef & Owner